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Our program/courses include: 


  • Basic Security Guard Course (509-3-02) 24hrs 

  • CPR/First Aid 8hrs 

  • State Mandated Private Detective Course (509-3-06) 70hrs 

  • State Mandated Firearms Course (509-3-10) 16hrs 

  • Executive Protection Certification Course 100hrs 

  • Cyber/Electronic Security Course 72hrs 

  • Church Security Specialist Certification Course 48hrs

  • Handcuffing 8hrs 

  • TASER Certification Course 24hrs 

  • Emergency Tactical First Aid 48hrs 

  • EP SOLO Certification Course 24hrs 

  • Armed Security Guard Course 24hrs 

  • Firearms Training for Men 16hrs 

  • Firearms Training for Women 16hrs 

  • Baton Training 12hrs 

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